Задание 43 на тексты и заголовки в ОГЭ по английскому

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками.


A. Dressed mannequins
B. Experienced professional
C. Difficult job
D. Being on guard
E. Different visitors
F. Likeness with original

1. Madame Tussaud’s is London’s most visited tourist attraction, with over two and a half million visitors a year. There are over 400 models on display. Each one is worth £20,000, so security is tight. However, despite the monitors and eagle-eyed staff, visitors can’t resist picking up souvenirs and someone even went off with Marie Antoinette’s head.

2. Making the wax models is highly skilled and length process. From start to finish it takes months of work for the artists and craftsmen who combine to produce the final figure. All the waxworks are life-size replicas of the real person, down to the last detail. Even Michael Jackson’s inside trouser leg had been measured and recorded. This is considered highly classified information, of course.

3. Stuard Williamson, a sculptor here for fifteen years, says, ’Either they come to the museum or we go to them. We went to Buckingham Palace to do the Royal Family and to Neverland Ranch for Jackson. They sit on a turntable from every angle possible. I then sculpt the clay, trying to get a feel for their personality, which is as important as what they look like.’

4. The most nerve-racking part of the job can be when the real person meets their wax double. Bob Geldof thought that he wasn’t scruffy enough and proceeded to ruffle his twin’s hair. The Dalai Lama thought the whole thing was hilariously funny. Of course it depends on the person.

5. Clothes for models are often chosen by the famous themselves. Madame Tussaud’s has the only exact replica of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Sometimes clothes are given to the museum. John Haigh, the acid bath murder, donated his suit the day before he was executed. And when comedian, Lenny Henry, revisited Madame Tussaud’s, he was horrified to see his wax double wearing his favourite pink suit — he had been looking for it for two years. The public’s fascination with fame will continue to be popular for many years.

1 – D
2 – C
3 – B
4 – F
5 – A