Задание 41 на тексты и заголовки в ОГЭ по английскому

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками.


A. a rock star
B. a radio presenter
C. a pop promoter
D. an opera singer
E. a music historian
F. a classical musician

People tell us about their careers in music.

1. I was bom in Wales, and I think it was probably thanks to my father that I got interested in music at the first place. He used to sing in the choir every Saturday and Sunday, and I used to go along too to watch and listen. Anyway I was about eight, I went to private lessons, and it was there that I really began my singing. A lot later on, I went to drama school, which was very good for me, because obviously I needed training in acting as well as singing. I got used to appearing in theatres and in front of audience, and that was there I was spotted by one of the big producers. I went off to London to sing and to start me off on my career.

2. I didn’t always go on tour with the band, it has been the last five years. Till then, I was with an orchestra playing for musicals, but I got tired of doing the same thing, so I joined the band because they needed a guitarist. So I have a background in classical music, of course you can’t tell that because the heavy metal stuff we play is about as different as you can get. And all those days taught me how important it was to practice, so I like to think we’re pretty professional.

3. I grew up like most people, I suppose, liking all sorts of pop music, buying singles and in fact I still listen to that sort of thing quite a lot. I wanted to know more about musical styles and traditions. Then a bit later on I got very interested in eighteenth century music, and I did some research on the subject when I was at university. Now I lecture at university.

4. It’s a funny business – you get to meet a lot of famous people and if you’re organizing a tour for them you get to know them quite well, because you can be together more or less all day for two or three weeks; but a lot of what I do isn’t exciting — I have to make sure that the hotels are booked, that the groups have got everything they need for their concerts. They are used to get everything they want, and it’s my role to look after them.

5. I got into this line of work because the jazz scene was always a passion of mine, and one day I happened to meet a friend who told me there was a vacancy for someone to do a new jazz programme. So I applied, and I didn’t really expect to get the job because I hadn’t had much experience, but I got it, and the show has been running for ten years now.

1 – D
2 – A
3 – E
4 – C
5 – B