Задание 40 на тексты и заголовки в ОГЭ по английскому

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками.


A. History fan
B. Childish behavior
C. Love to antiquity
D. Being mad about footwear
E. Spendthrift of money
F. Passion to team

What happens when interest becomes the most important thing in your life? When hobby becomes an obsession?

1. Take Colin Duffy, for example, when he was six, his father took him to see his local football team, Liverpool. Since then, Colin, now thirty-six, has seen a total of 1,729 matches and has travelled over 75,000 miles to watch his team. Colin and his wife spent their honeymoon in Leeds (where Liverpool were playing that weekend!) and named their first son Kenny Dalglish Owen Duffy – after his two favourite players.

2. 22-years-old Beverley Bloom is Britain’s biggest shopper. Every week she writes a newspaper column about her addition. Fortunately, her credit card bills go to her father, a millionaire. We don’t like to tell you for what she spends father’s money but her spends’ admitting that it is well over -£50,000 a year.

3. But even Beverley cannot beat champion shopper Imelda Marcos, wife of the ex-president of the Philippines. She was so obsessed with buying shoes that when her husband fell from power, more than 3,000 pairs were found in their palac, together with over 1,000 unopened packets of tights.

4. Most children are interested in collecting stamps or dolls at some time, but few go as far as twenty-eight year old Tany Mattia, who fills her house with thousands of Barbie dolls. She spends hours every day combing their hair and changes all their costumes once a month.

5. John Weintraub became obsessed with collecting plastic figures of US presidents given as free in plackets of breakfast cereal. After two years he had the whole set except for Thomas Jefferson. Weintraub was so desperate to get the last one that he broke into a factory and opened every box of cereal he could find. He was seen by a guard, arrested and sent to prison. ’It’s OK though’, he said, ’ because at my first prison breakfast out came the statue of Jefferson.’

1 – F
2 – E
3 – D
4 – B
5 – A