Задание 25 на тексты и заголовки в ОГЭ по английскому

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками: к каждому тексту, обозначенному буквами А–G, подберите соответствующий заголовок, обозначенный цифрами 1–8. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.


1. Steps to learning English
2. Learning naturally
3. Great variety
4. Courses worldwide
5. Learning is fun
6. Grown-ups only
7. A beautiful place for learning
8. Learning through the Internet

A. Kingsway runs English courses for mature, motivated people like you who want to make serious progress in their English communication skills. All Kingsway students need English for their jobs or for other professional purposes, which means that even on group courses the lessons will be focused toward adult needs.

B. To become a fluent English speaker, you must study and master reading, listening, and speaking. At Talk English, the lessons are structured to give you practice in all three areas at the same time. At first you read the sentence, then you click on the sentence to listen to it, and finally you can practise speaking by repeating after the audio file provided by a native English speaker.

C. Delfin English School London is in central London, Zone 1 in charming Bloomsbury Square. Location is important for most students and Delfin is situated just 1 minute walk from Holborn Metro/Tube Station or 7 minutes’ walk from Russell Square or Tottenham Court Road Metro Stations. Bloomsbury Square is a perfect spot to have lunch and relax after class and creates a great view from all of the classrooms.

D. Our English course allows you to learn as if you were living abroad. Our programme is arranged around 144 units based on a series of films. You will begin to speak and write in a relaxed, enjoyable way. You will start speaking spontaneously by actively participating in real-life situations.

E. Our specially designed courses are for those who are looking to improve their proficiency in English. Do you want to improve your overall communication? Are you planning to take an English exam? Or do you simply want to develop your spoken English skills? We have a wide choice of programmes and you will choose the right course for you. Enrol for the right course and learn from our professional teachers.

F. St. Giles offers you English courses to meet your personal needs, whatever your level or your age. Our language schools are located around the world. We offer you a complete package ensuring you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable period of study. You can choose any place to stay in that will meet all your needs and budgets. You will have buses running to and from our centres and of course entertaining activities for students.

G. At Express-English it’s easy to learn English online via Skype, with native English speakers. Our online English course is based upon convenience and flexibility, as well as the development of close customer relationships. Participate in the future of online learning, and you’ll quickly see an improvement in your communication.

A – 6
B – 1
C – 7
D – 2
E – 3
F – 4
G – 8