Еда на английском : Упражнение 3

На этой странице находится третье упражнение по теме ЕДА НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

К указанным вопросам подберите наиболее подходящий ответ.

1. Do you take sugar?
2. Would you like some cereal for breakfast?
3. Why did you buy flour?
4. Can you get a loaf when you’re out?
5. Would you like marmalade on your toast?
6. Do you want some mustard on your burger?
7. Do you want anything on this salad?
8. Shall we have rice with this stir-fry?

a. I’d rather have noodles, actually.
b. I’m going to make a few cakes.
c. No thanks, ketchup is fine.
d. Yes, two, please.
e. Some cornflakes would be nice.
f. I’ll just have a little dressing, please.
g. White or brown?
h. No thanks, just butter.


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