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Complete with the words in the box. There are four extra words.

clocks, draw, doesn’t, hasn’t, heads, photo, pictures, spoons, tell, thoughts, words

Fact or Fiction?

In this week’s show Elaine Abbot looks at extra-sensory perception. Guest Yoni Shum says he can bend 1____, repair 2____ with the power of his mind, read people’s 3____ and describe 4____ he can’t see. In the first experiment, Elaine gives Yoni an envelope with a 5____ in it. Yoni 6____ seen the photo before, but he will try to 7____ it. Will he succeed?


Complete Yoni’s description of the photo with the words and phrases in the box. There are two extra phrases.

At the top, could be, He looks, In the background, In the foreground, It looks as if, It’s hard to say, possibly, shows, There’s been

This photo (…1…) two people in a kitchen. (…2…) there’s a little boy. (…3…) there’s a woman. She (…4…) his mother. (…5…) an accident. (…6…) the boy has broken an egg. (…7…) upset. (…8…) if the woman is angry or if she’s smiling.


Choose the correct words or phrases to complete the dialogue.

1. in / of / on
2. because / if / while
3. do / have / show
4. all / both / the two
5. as / similar / than
6. same / similar / similarity

Elaine: Let’s compare … They don’t have a lot (…1…) common, do they? The photo shows a car crash (…2…) your drawing shows a kitchen.
Yoni: Yes, but there are similarities. … They both (…3…) accidents in different places. In (…4…) images there are two people. And in the photo (…5…) in my drawing, it’s the man, or the boy, who is responsible for the accident. Another (…6…) is that both women have long hair.


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