Видео курс разговорного английского. Урок 6 :: Упражнения

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Choose what the older woman says about Barney.

1. He’s difficult to live with.
2. It’s impossible to love him.
3. He’s tidy.
4. He doesn’t eat much.
5. He drops food on the floor.
6. He has brown eyes.
7. He can’t smell very well.
8. He smells bad.
9. He has a shower every day.
10. He has a bath once a week.
11. He’s noisy at night.
12. He can’t sleep at night.
13. He doesn’t listen to anything she says.
14. He doesn’t speak to her.
15. He’s got a dog.


Match the beginnings and the endings of the sentences to ask for and give advice.

1. I’m at…
2. What…
3. I’ve no idea…
4. I’m at a loss as…

a. …can I do?
b. …my wits’ end.
c. …to what to do!
d. …what to do about that.


1. Why don’t…
2. You shouldn’t…
3. You ought…
4. It’s worth…
5. If I were you,…
6. You might find…
7. Have you tried…

a. …being honest about these things.
b. …I’d tell him to have a shower every day.
c. …it useful to tell him how you feel.
d. …keep these things inside.
e. …talking to him?
f. …to tell him to be more careful.
g. …you talk about it?


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