Видео курс разговорного английского. Урок 2 :: Упражнения

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Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1. In the second clip at the bus stop, the man says the bus left five minutes earlier.
2. In the first clip of the man on the stairs, he refuses to carry the woman’s suitcase because it’s too heavy.
3. The woman intends to hurt the man in the lift.
4. The aim of the programme is to help students sound more polite when they speak English.


Complete the advice with words from the box. There are two extra words.
direct, don’t, help, hurt, indirect, rude, silly, wonder

(…1…) be too direct!
If you’re too direct when you speak in English, people might think you’re (…2…) .
It’s better to be a little more (…3…) .
This is very important when you want somebody’s (…4…) .
It doesn’t (…5…) to be polite.
There are times, however, when it pays to be (…6…) .


Use the words in brackets to make these sentences more polite. Do not change the forms of the words.

1 What time’s the next bus? (happen)
Excuse me! ____________?

2 Help me take this upstairs! (wonder)
Excuse me! ____________? It’s terribly heavy!

3 Move forward! (wondering/possibly)
Excuse me! ____________? If that’s alright with you.


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