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Choose the correct answers.

1. Simon wasn’t happy with the Travel Hut hotel because
a) it was too far from Nottingham.
b) there was some old soup in the bedroom.
c) they didn’t give him free soap.

2. Another problem with the hotel was that
a) there was no one at the reception.
b) the man at reception wasn’t polite.
c) they refused to give Simon a refund.

3. Simon complained about the model aeroplane because
a) it took a long time for the shop to send it to him.
b) it had several parts missing.
c) it was sent to the wrong address

4. The man at Manny’s Models
a) gave Simon a full refund.
b) denied that he had made a mistake.
c) promised to send Simon a new plane.

5. Simon phoned Mrs Anderson because
a) he doesn’t know how old her son is.
b) her son annoys him.
c) he wants to tell her how to control her son.

6. When Emma asks Simon for a file, he
a) apologises.
b) says it was her fault for giving it to him so late.
c) tells her she shouldn’t complain so much.


Match the beginnings and the endings of the sentences.

1. I’m not satisfied
2. When I told the man in reception,
3. It won’t
4. I think you should
5. I wish
6. The model is not complete:
7. I’m very sorry, there
8. It’s entirely
9. We’ll replace
10. Don’t
11. I’m trying
12. It’s

a. blame me!
b. give me a full refund.
c. happen again.
d. he was very rude to me.
e. must have been a mistake.
f. my best.
g. not my fault!
h. our fault.
i. the model plane straightaway.
j. there’s a part missing!
k. to make a complaint.
l. with the service.


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