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Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1. The woman is making a complaint about her gas boiler.
2. She noticed her laptop was missing after the man had checked her boiler.
3. She thinks the man was probably not more than 35 years old.
4. She noticed that the man had dark eyes.
5. He was wearing a scarf.
6. He had an unpleasant personality.


Complete the description with ONE word in each gap.

I’d say he was in his (…1…) thirties. Quite (…2…) and pretty tall. About the same height as my boyfriend, so about 1 metre 80, something like that. He had (…3…) , dark hair. I’m not sure what colour his (…4…) were. He had a moustache and his face was very red. He had two big scars, one on his forehead. One on his (…5…) , on the right, I think. And he was wearing one of those eye-patches, a black one, like a pirate. He was quite a scary looking sort of bloke, actually. But he did have a nice (…6…) and he was really charming as well.


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