Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 4 (Фразы)

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1: There are so many amazing places to see around the world.

2: Here are some of your favourites.

3: Welcome to Bangkok!

4: With over 6 million people, it’s big, it’s busy and you love it!

5: It’s very good for shopping and the nightlife is great, too.

6: It’s got lots of clubs, bars, shops, food … Everything you need, really.

7: There are 400 temples in Bangkok, so Bangkok is an important place for Buddhists around the world, and tourists love to visit the temples, too.

8: You also love the Masai Mara in Kenya.

9: It’s a fantastic place to watch animals: zebras, elephants, antelope, hippos and lions.

10: You can see them all. So, why is it so special?

11: Huge open spaces, fantastic animals, just wide open freedom, warmth, friendliness, and all underneath the great African sky.

12: Now a popular, romantic city … the city of lights, Paris.

13: To me, Paris is elegant, romantic and expensive.

14: Go in the spring and enjoy the art galleries.

15: And enjoy the views of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

16: Back to Africa now, South Africa. Yes, it’s Cape Town.

17: And behind Cape Town is the 1,000 metre high Table Mountain, with its fantastic views.

18: Cape Town is one of my top three places on Earth.

19: Friendly people, loads of beaches, and the food is unbelievably cheap.

20: We went there over New Year and it was lovely. I mean, just a lovely, lovely place.

21: Great place, Cape Town.

22: You love the mountains and beaches that make Cape Town so special.

23: And these little guys – the penguins.

24: This is the big moment:

25: … the number one place to see before you die.

26: Your favourite is … the Grand Canyon!

27: The Grand Canyon is an amazing place.

28: You can read about the Grand Canyon and you can look at photographs and videos, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing.

29: There is so much to see that you never stop seeing something new.

30: The colours are just so … amazing.

31: With every changing inch of the sunset, the colours in the canyon change.

32: I remember actually sitting there … and I just cried.

33: But there’s only one word that everyone says when they talk about the Grand Canyon:

34: It really is awesome …

35: Just completely awesome … Awesome … ‘Awesome’ is the word … It was awesome … Awesome … Awesome … ‘Awesome’’s the only word … Truly awesome.

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