Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 3 (Фразы)

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1: Kalimera. Kalimera.

2: Er … Can you show me around Crete?

3: Yes.

4: This is the biggest Greek island of all, so I’ve got a local guide for the next two days.

5: Francesco, do you want to see a Cretan wedding?

6: Oh, great!

7. Traditional Cretan weddings can be incredible.

8. Preparations often last days.

9. Mamas is taking me to meet the bride, Maria Skula.

10: Kalimera, Francesco.

11: Are you a little nervous?

12: A little.

13: All the women are helping prepare for the wedding feast.

14. They’re making decorations in dough for a special wedding bread.

15. How many guests for your wedding?

16: One thousand, five hundred, about.

17: Mama mia, it’s a lot!

18: The whole of Maria’s village has turned out to see her get married.

19. The bride arrives with her father.

20. She’s gorgeous.

21: This is the nervous bridegroom, Jorgos.

22. In a few minutes he and Maria will be man and wife.

23: And now we go to party.

24. It’s certainly the largest wedding reception I’ve ever been to.

25. At Cretan weddings, guests give money as gifts.

26. And now the food is served. The meat of one hundred and fifty sheep … and a whole lot more.

27. Maria and Jorgos’ first dance as man and wife includes all their close family.

28. I’m destroyed! Ah, really.

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