Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 2 (Фразы)

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1: On Holiday: Fasten Your Seatbelt, a number of famous people try different jobs.

2: This job is for a chalet girl, for Crystal Holidays in the skiing resort of Verbier.

3: And our applicant is …

4: Toyah Willcox.

5: Your job, please?

6: Chalet girl.

7: Essential?

8: Catering experience, outgoing personality and basic French.

9: And salary?

10: 56 pounds a week, plus tips, accommodation, insurance and ski pass.

11: Applicant accepted.

12: Toyah Willcox works as a TV presenter, but this week she has a new job as a chalet girl in Switzerland.

13. Toyah arrives at Verbier to start work and her boss shows her some of her jobs.

14: OK. In the bathroom, clean the sink, mirror, bath … OK?

15: Toyah starts her work with a trip to the supermarket to buy food for the week.

16: Erm, Toyah, how much did you spend?

17: Um … a hundred and seventy-four.

18: I was thinking more along the lines of … the list would cost perhaps about a hundred francs.

19: Oh …

20: Two hours later the guests arrive.

21: Hello. Welcome!

22: Toyah welcomes them.

23. They’ve travelled by plane and then by bus from England.

24. They want to ski, relax and eat some very good food.

25: Toyah makes soup …

26: Just check that it’s salt … yep. Uh! Oh no! Uh!

27: And a cake.

28: This is my first cake.

29: It looks good.

30: Did you know that Rosemary is a professional cook?

31: Oh, gosh oh … Oh no!

32: Early morning and Toyah is up to get fresh bread for breakfast … but then there’s a problem.

33: Mistake number three. I haven’t got a key.

34. Trish, Brian, it’s Toyah. Sorry.

35: Go back to bed and I’ll, I’ll bring you a cup of tea.

36: A little later, Toyah makes breakfast for the guests.

37: Um … The plate’s hot.

38: I don’t … I won’t have an egg.

39: Oh, sorry.

40: After breakfast, the guests go skiing, and Toyah is alone … but there’s no time to rest.

41. Toyah hoovers the rooms, she makes the beds, cleans the bath and washes the floor.

42: But it’s not all housework for Toyah. She goes out with her guests, gives them a hot drink and tries out a new sport! Off she goes …

43: And I’m not coming back!

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