Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 1 (Фразы)

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1: How are you, sir?

2: You see, I speak English well. I learn it from a book.

3: Hello, I am English. Hello.

4: How are you, sir?

5: I can speak English.

6: Ah, hello, Major. How are you today?

7: Oh … I’m fine, thank you.

8: It’s a beautiful day, today.

9: Is it? Oh … Yes, yes. I suppose it is.

10: Yes, I can speak English. I learn it from a book.

11: Did you, did you really? … Oh, there you are, Fawlty.

12: Yes. I’m just going to open up, Major.

13: Oh, fine. I say, that’s, that’s a remarkable animal you have there, Fawlty. Er … Where did you get it?

14: Er … Samson’s. In the town.

15: Really? Well, was, was it expensive?

16: Er … 12 pounds, I think.

17: Good Lord! Japanese, was it?

18: Canadian, I think, Major.

19: I didn’t know the Canadians were as clever as that, by God!

20: He’s started early.

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