Английский текст для чтения – 5

Короткий английский текст для практики чтения и перевода.

Having thus prepared everything as well as I could, I set sail on the twenty-fourth of September, 1701, at six o’clock in the morning. I wanted to reach one of the islands I thought lay to the north-east of Van-Dieman’s Land. I steered by my pocket compass, but discovered no land all that day. The next day about three in the afternoon, I saw a sail steering to the south-east. I shouted but could get no answer. However I followed the boat as fast as I could, and in half an hour they fired a gun to tell me that they saw me. It is not easy to describe the joy I felt at the hope of once more seeing my native country and my family. I reached the ship between five and six in the evening, September 26th. I put my cows and bulls into my coat-pockets and got on board.

The ship was an English one and was returning from Japan. The captain was very kind to me and asked me to tell him what place I had come from and where I was going to. I did this in a few words, but he thought the dangers I had passed through had made me a little mad. Then I took my cattle out of my pocket, on seeing which he was greatly astonished but he was convinced that I was telling the truth.Then I showed him the gold which the emperor of Blefuscu had given me, and the emperor’s portrait. I gave the captain two purses with two hundred sprugs in each.

We had a very good voyage and arrived in England on the 13th of April 1702. In the short time that I remained in England I made much profit by showing my cattle to many persons. Before I began my second voyage I sold them for six hundred pounds. I stayed but two months with my wife and family, for my strong desire to see foreign countries would give me no peace. I left most of my money with my wife, and then took leave of her, and of my son and daughter.

After “Gulliver s Travels by” Jonathan Swift