Английские тексты из Spotlight

Ищите точный и полный перевод английских текстов из учебников Spotlight (Спотлайт)? Не проблема! Здесь представлены английские тексты, которые вам нужны.


Spotlight, 7 класс

Текст Vanished!

Текст The gift of storytelling

Текст American teens with drive!

Текст The person I admire

Текст The Yeoman Warders

Текст British teenage magazines

Текст ONLINE or IN class?

Текст Simulating Reality

Текст Legoland California

Текст The National Sport of England

Текст Should we keep animals in zoos?

Текст Sctoland’s natural world!

Текст Does this sound familiar?

Текст CHOICES. You make them

Текст Take it easy!


Текст Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe

Spotlight, 8 класс

Текст Animals in the air

Текст Mistakes that worked

Текст What can we do to reduce traffic in our city?

Текст Pet the coo!

Текст Tornadoes

Текст Hail

Текст Sledding in Russia

Текст Camel Riding in Morocco

Текст Wagon Travel in Wyoming

Текст Ice Diving in the Arctic

Текст The Thames

Текст Generation M

Текст Special Schools

Текст The Internet as a homework tool

Текст Using a computer network

Текст Out of the ordinary

Текст FIFA World Cup

Spotlight, 9 класс

Текст In search of Nessie and other mysterious monsters

Текст What a coincidence!

Текст The Ghostly Inn

Текст The most haunted castle in Britain

Текст Painting Styles

Текст Where are the robots?

Текст Living in @ Wired World

Текст The Gadget Show on FIVE

Текст E-waste… why so much junk?

Текст This can’t be art… or can it?

Текст Bollywood

Текст My school trip!

Текст Welcome to Sydney, Australia…

Текст William Shakespeare

Текст Lending a helping hand

Текст The leaning Tower of Pisa

Текст Fears and Phobias

Текст The USA’s Dangerous Wild Animals

Текст Green Transport

Текст Do you have healthy habits?

Текст Violent computer games

Текст Never give up!

Текст Are you lost in the jungle?

Текст Helen Keller

Текст Protect yourself

Текст Dolphin Gets New Tail

Текст The Challenge of ANTARCTICA

Текст Garlic Festival

Текст Getting your teens to tidy up

Текст Scary Sally

Текст Liz-O

Текст Tatiana’s Day

Текст The Russian Village of Shuvalovka

Spotlight, 10 класс

Текст Little Women

Текст Marine litter

Текст The Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Текст The Russian winter

Текст Use less stuff

Текст The Lost World

Текст Britain’s young consumers

Текст The railway children

Текст Great British sporting events

Текст Should cars be banned from city centres?

Текст The Great Barrier Reef


Текст Tropical Rainforests

Текст Hope for the future of pandas

Текст Beautiful Nepal!

Текст Around the world in 80 days

Текст A Perfect Day for a Carnival

Текст The Pyramids of Egypt

Текст Rainbow of food

Текст Oliver Twist

Текст A Night for All Scotts!

Текст Borsch

Текст A square-eyed generation

Текст London IMAX Cinema

Текст The Phantom of the Opera

Текст Madame Tussauds

Текст The triumph of the amateurs

Текст Paper

Текст 3 things I couldn’t live without

Текст The Time Machine

Текст Mobile Phones in Schools

Текст British Inventions

Текст Heating things up!

Текст Thermometers

Текст Alternative Energy

Текст Leonardo da Vinci

Текст A Champion

Текст A school for everyone

Текст A special course for young men

Текст The diplomats of tomorrow

Текст A Voyage up the Volga

Текст Recipes

Текст Lake Baikal

Текст Ballet at the Bolshoi

Текст Russian Space Exploration

Spotlight, 11 класс

Текст The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Текст An Amazing Rescue

Текст Florence Nightingale

Текст London’s burning

Текст Water pollution

Текст Brown bears

Текст A life on the streets

Текст The Magic of Feng Shui

Текст Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Текст Home Sweet Home

Текст Shanty Towns

Текст Green Belts? What are they?

Текст Hello… Is anyone out there?

Текст White Fang

Текст Should it be compulsory to learn a foregn language at school?



Текст TOXIC TONES – Ocean Noise Pollution

Текст It’s a secret!

Текст I have a dream…

Текст UNIVERSITY LIFE (unilife)

Текст Dian Fossey

Текст Anyone for a McJob?

Текст TSOI (A Russian Rock Star)

Текст The Mir Space Station

Текст Irina Kolesnikova who achieved success against all the odds